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To See Where We’re Headed… Just Look Where We’ve Been

We invite you to look back to remind us of what has been done in the past to make our business a success. As we look ahead and prepare for the future, we want to ensure that our quality and that our customers’ satisfaction continues.

Throughout our seventy year business history in Saskatchewan, Auto Electric Service Ltd. has been a growing success in servicing the automotive, industrial, fleet, agricultural and body shop industries. In fact, we have always shown a profit every fiscal year.

We believe this type of success can only come from providing quality to our customers — Quality service, Quality products and Quality Sales.

As a locally owned company, the experience we have gained in each of our first seventy years will assist us in continuing to provide our customers with the very best service in the province.

Auto Electric Service Ltd. The First 70 Years

Auto Electric Service Ltd. The First 70 Years


Auto Electric Service Ltd. opens for business at 2536 Victoria Avenue in a 1000 square foot building, staffed with six employees. The new company is started when G.W. Grant and G. Dawson buy out Bannister Auto Electric.


Auto Electric Service Ltd. relocates to 1845 Broad Street.


G.W. Grant buys out G. Dawson to become the sole owner of Auto Electric Service Ltd.


The Yorkton branch is opened.


The new Head Office and Regina Distribution Centre is built at 1360 Broad Street.


The Estevan branch is opened. In Regina, land is purchased and a 3000 square foot warehouse is built at 1353 Rose Street, directly behind the Head Office on Broad Street.


The Weyburn branch is opened.


G.W. Grant sells his shares to William Dedman, Jack Parr, E.J. Grundy and Don Drysdale.


Morley Wagner, Warren Dedman, Bill Buhnai, Herb Smith and Dennis Wagner begin purchasing shares in Auto Electric Service Ltd.


A new company is formed to specialize in the fleet and industrial market. Mainline Fleet Service Ltd. opened on December 1, 1975 in the Ross Industrial area of Regina.


Mainline Fleet Service is expanded due to the larger space requirements of the business. The Weyburn branch moves to a new 6500 square foot location.


The Yorkton Auto Service Centre moves to a new location, previously occupied by the local Chrysler dealership. The facility is remodeled and renovated to suit the Service Center’s requirements. This has since been closed.


Morley Wagner, Warren Dedman, Terry Dedman, Bill Buhnai, Herb Smith and Dennis Wagner purchase the remaining shares of William Dedman, Jack Parr, E.J. Grundy and Don Drysdale. The computerization process begins at Head Office in Regina in the fall. By the end of the year the Accounts Receivable and inventory records are recorded in the Series 12 computer system.


The computerization process continues. The Yorkton branch, the Weyburn branch and Mainline Fleet Service records are all entered into the computer system by the end of the year.


The Estevan branch information is entered into the computer by the end of January. This completed the company-wide computerization process.


Sales Manager, Bob Jaworski purchases shares in the company.


Auto Electric Service Ltd. becomes a member of the Auto Value Association from Chattanooga, Tennessee.


Auto Electric Service Ltd. celebrates its 50th Anniversary as a successful Saskatchewan company.


Auto Value and the All-Pro, Bumper To Bumper Groups merge to become Aftermarket AutoParts Alliance Inc., one of the largest automotive aftermarket parts buying groups in North America. The headquarters of the Aftermarket Auto Parts Alliance is in San Antonio, Texas.


Kevin Wagner purchases Dennis Wagner’s shares in the company.


Kevin Wagner purchases Dennis Wagner’s shares in the company.


A new multi-store computer system is purchased so that all stores are integrated and have instant access to each other’s inventory. The company’s website www.autoelectricservice.com is developed presenting information of each of the stores on the World Wide Web.


Bob Jaworski, General Manager, purchases additional shares in the company. Brenda Gelowitz, CA joins the company as Controller. The head office facilities receive extensive interior renovations. Additional personal computers are purchased and a computer network system is established to increase efficiency.


Brenda Gelowitz, Controller, purchases shares in the company.


A new industry-specific computer system, Prism, is purchased which further enhances inventory control and customer information management. This allows for customers to check our stock and purchase parts online.


Auto Electric Service Ltd. joins the Federal Mogul Engine Partners Program and stocks the largest selection of engine parts in Saskatchewan.



Bob Jaworski, Brenda Gelowitz, Brent Kulcsar, Kevin Wagner, Dwayne Kulcsar, Wayne Woycik and Shayne Parent enter into an agreement to own all of the common shares of the company. Bob Jaworski becomes President and Brenda Gelowitz becomes Vice President. Left to right:  Brent, Dwayne, Wayne, Shayne, Brenda, Bob, Kevin.



Auto Electric Service Ltd. celebrates 65 years in business. A customer appreciation trade show is held to celebrate the event.


In January additional warehousing for Walker Exhausts is added. In November PPG Commercial Paint for the industrial market is introduced and stocked.


Major update to Regina store exterior and major interior renovations to the Mainline Fleet store are undertaken.


A new online ordering system, “My Place For Parts” is introduced. Auto Electric Service Ltd. Celebrates 70 years in business. Another customer appreciation trade show is held.


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Over 70 years serving the automotive, body shop, agricultural, fleet & industrial markets.

We are Saskatchewan's largest locally owned and operated automotive parts warehouse.

We service the automotive retail and wholesale markets with parts stores & service bays located in Regina, Yorkton, Estevan, & Weyburn

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We are a member of Auto Value, an auto parts buying group, which is one of the largest automotive parts distribution associations in North America.

We are also the appointed distributor for ACDelco products in Southern Saskatchewan.

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We are Saskatchewan’s largest locally owned and operated automotive parts warehouse